Event Equipment Twin Falls

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  • Birch Arch
  • Curved Top Metal Arch
  • Gold Circle Arch
  • Rustic Arch
  • White Corinthian Arch – Square
  • White Corinthian Arch – Round
  • Wood Arch
  • Pergola


  • Blush Fabric Backdrop
  • Heather Gray Fabric Backdrop
  • Loose Ribbon Backdrop
  • Macramé Backdrop
  • Peach Fabric Backdrop
  • White Rosette Backdrop
  • Barn Doors with Sides
  • Barn Doors Without Sides
  • Circle Pipe & Drape
  • Farm Doors
  • Fire Place
  • Fabric in trees
  • White Doors – open and closed
  • Pipe and Drape Fabric Backdrops

All arches and backdrops are customizable for your event. Please note that fabric backdrops will blow in the Idaho wind.


All tents are installed by Party Center Technicians. Safety is our top priority! 

Renter must call DIGLINE – 208-342-1585 or 800-342-1585 – at least 3 days prior to Party Center using stakes to secure all tents. Party Center is not responsible for any damage caused if a stake hits any underground object. DIGLINE is a free service. Customers must adhere to all guidelines and safety directives made by Party Center. Party Center may, at our discretion, choose to delay or cancel tent installations due to weather or other conditions found at the site. The installation site must be free of all debris including mud, garbage and animal feces.  The site shall be dry and not be irrigated 24 hours prior to installation or during the rental period. Party Center is not responsible for damage to underground irrigation systems, septic or other utilities! All tents must be staked 36” into grass, dirt or asphalt. Any staking into asphalt will be subject to an additional fee. Party Center DOES NOT use water barrels unless customer signs indemnification agreement. If other anchoring is needed, additional fees will apply. All underground structures need to be marked prior to Party Center arrival. In the event of high wind, heavy rain, snow, lightning or other severe weather the tent shall be evacuated and Party Center notified directly.

  • No open flame shall be used in or around a tent without prior approval. No smoking of any kind.
  • Heaters or cooking appliances shall be provided or approved in advance by Party Center.
  • No changes or adjustment shall be made or items placed on or hung from any portion any tent without approval from Party Center.

Once a tent structure is complete, side walls cannot be removed. If removal is requested after your Party Center Technician has left the site, the customer will be charged an additional fee for someone to come back (upon crew availability) and remove sides. Customers are not to move, adjust or change any tent structures. 


  • 6’ Banquet (Wood and Plastic): 30” wide. Seats 6-8
  • 8’ Banquet (Wood and Plastic): 30” wide. Seats 8-10
  • 5’ Round Table (Wood and Plastic): seats 8
  • 30” Tall/short Bistro table: ~42” tall/30” tall
  • 36” Tall/short Bistro Table: ~42” tall/30” tall
  • Farm Table: seats 6-8 – 38.5”x6’8”
  • Low Table – 36”W x 80” L x 17” H
  • Wine Barrel Table – 29”W x 8’L x 39”H
  • Fill & Chill Table: Inner basin 68" x 26" x 3" deep


  • White Resin– Weight Limit 275lbs.
  • Black metal – Weight Limit 275lbs.
  • Black Resin– Weight Limit 275lbs.
  • Brown metal– Weight Limit 275lbs.
  • Gold Chiavari– Weight Limit 275lbs.
  • Fruitwood Weight Limit 275 lbs
  • Mahogany – Weight Limit 275lbs.
  • Natural Wood – Weight Limit 275lbs.
  • White Chiavari– Weight Limit 275lbs.
  • White Fanback– Weight Limit 275lbs.
  • Bar Stools – Weight Limit 275lbs.


  • Linen Sizing

Linen Sizing Examples
  • Round Tables:
      • 5’ Round Tables:
        Full Drop – 120” Linen
        ¾ Drop – 108” Linen
      • 30” Tall Bistro Table:
        Draped – 120” Linen
        Tied – 120” Linen or 90”x156” Linen
      • 36” Tall Bistro Table:
        Draped – 132” Linen
        Tied – 132” Linen or 90”x156” Linen
  • Banquet Tables:
      • 6’ Banquet Tables:
        Full Drop – 90”x132” Linen
        Half Drop – 60”x126” Linen
      • 8’ Banquet Tables:
        Full Drop – 90”x156” Linen
        Half Drop – 60”x126” Linen
  • Table Runners: Assorted Colors and Fabrics
  • Sashes: Assorted Colors and Fabrics
  • Napkins: Assorted Colors and Fabrics
  • Spandex Chair Covers: White, Ivory, Black

Linen is all pressed and ready to go for your event, folding of napkins will be an additional charged and is based on availability. Upon return, linens and fabrics shall be returned free of food and other debris.  Linens shall be dry and placed in a bag. Wet linen placed in a bag will cause mildew and mold; the customer will be responsible for replacing damaged linen. Some minor food stains are expected. Please do not treat stains with cleaners or chemicals. The return of hangers is very much appreciated.

The customer is responsible for damage including but not limited to excessive stains (wine, BBQ sauce, etc.) holes, tears, candle wax, burns, pen marks, etc.  Additional fees may be assessed for excessive cleaning not covered under the Damage Waiver after inspection in our facility.  Customers shall be assessed the full replacement cost for linens damaged beyond repair or for missing items.



  • White Round- 10”, 8 ½”
  • Gold Rim 10”, 7 ½”, 6 ½”, 6”
  • White Square 10”, 7”, 6”
  • Black Square 10”, 7”
  • Vintage Assorted 10”, 7 ½”, 6”
  • Gold Round Charger 13”
  • Gold Scalloped Charger 13”
  • Silver Round Charger 13”
  • Silver Square Charger 13"
  • Silver Ornate Charger 13”
  • Black Square Charger 12”
  • Red Round Charger 13”


  • Panther: Dinner Fork, Salad Fork, Knife, Spoon
  • Gold Rim: Dinner Fork, Salad Fork, Knife, Spoon, Steak Knife


  • Wine Glasses: Red Wine, White Wine, Universal, Stemless Red, Stemless White
  • Champagne Flutes: Champagne Flute, Stemless Champagne Flute, Vintage Champagne Flute
  • Water Glasses: Vintage Pressed Glass, Water Goblet, Pub Glass
  • Rocks Glasses:  Tall Rocks Glass, Short Rocks Glass

Dishware and catering items shall be clean of food and liquid and placed in the same containers in which they were delivered. Used glassware should be placed upright in boxes or crates.  Additional fees may be assessed for excessive cleaning after inspection in our facility.  Customers may be assessed the full replacement cost for damaged or missing dishware items.


  • String Lights: Edison Lights, Globe Lights, White Bridal Lights
  • Chandeliers: Assorted Styles
    • Black Chandelier
    • Contemporary Chandelier
    • Silver Chandelier
    • Gold Globe Chandelier
    • Silver Globe Chandelier
    • Acrylic Crystal Chandelier
    • Charcoal Crystal Chandelier
  • Battery Operated Candles: Taper Candles, Pillar Candles, Floating Candles, Tealights
  • Flame Candles: Taper Candles, Pillar Candles, Floating Candles, Tealights and Votives
  • Fairy Lights: Warm White or Bright White
  • Curtain Lights: Warm White or Bright White
  • Uplight


  • Gray Settee
  • Blush Settee
  • Ivory Settee
  • Vintage Blue Chair
  • Vintage Green Chair
  • Vintage Pink Chair
  • Vintage Sewing Table
  • Vintage Writing Desk
  • Vintage Gold Drink Cart
  • Vintage Tall Vanity
  • Vintage Short Vanity
  • Vintage Cooler Table
  • Vintage Blue Settee
  • Vintage White chair
  • Vintage White Couch
  • Black Lounge Furniture 
  • White Lounge Furniture
  • Wicker Furniture



  • Ceremony
  • Cocktail Hour
  • Head Tables/ Sweetheart Table
  • Cake/Dessert Displays
  • Reception
  • Tablescapes
  • Ceremony Decor - Pampas Grass Arrangement

Themed Parties:

  • 80s/90s Theme
  • Superhero
  • Baby Shower
  • BBQ
  • Tropical
  • Summer Solstice
  • Tea Party

Seasonal Décor:

  • Halloween
  • Fall/Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

Party Center has an expansive inventory of Décor that expands frequently. Please schedule an appointment to see all options that we have to offer. Let us help you bring your vision to life.